Crown Molding & castings

Crown Moldings, Chair Rails and other Interior Decorative Trim Moldings.

Whether your needs are for interior base molding, chair molding, crown molding, or decorative molding for needs like picture frame molding, our elegant decorative cast plaster architectural molding enhances the architectural design and appearance of any residential or commercial building.

Reinforced by hemp fiber, our cast plaster architectural Decorative Molding and Millworkmolding provides a highly ornate and detailed appearance that is unsurpassed by wood molding or polyurethane molding.

Not only does our decorative ornamental plaster molding provide an authentic appearance, it is a Green building product consisting only of environmentally-friendly components found naturally in or on the earth (hydrocal, gypsum plaster, hemp fiber, and water).

Contact us for information about any need for exterior product, as a special formulation is required, and normally available at a slight premium.